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Grooming Tubs in South Dakota

NEW Groomer’s Best Tub Restraint System

As of the middle of February 2021, all orders for Bathing Tubs will now include our new and improved restraint system. We take customer feedback very seriously and implement it as quickly and efficiently as we can. After all, we make our equipment for YOU, the groomer, to make your job easier. The purpose of the restraints is a latching system for groomers to keep the dogs in place. We believe our new restraint system will be efficient for small, medium, and large size breeds; giving you options to restrain the dog in the front, rear, and even in the middle. We take every precaution to make sure your pets/clients will be in a safe environment while getting pampered.

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Groomer’s Best South Dakota

Pet Sensory Garden

Chamomile and lavender plants calm a dog who sniffs the plants. Dogs can also eat the plants and get the same effect. Rosemary and mint plants

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Groomer’s Best South Dakota

Springtime Safety Tips

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