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Custom Modular Kennel

Custom Modular Kennels for Commercial Pet Care: A Tailored Solution for Your Needs

Today’s leading commercial pet care companies tend to demand more than your typical off-the-shelf kennels can offer. Customization is the name of the game – a tailored pet storage solution that fits the specific size, scale, and special feature needs of each business. Moreover, the best commercial pet equipment has to be built to last for years to come, manufactured as sustainably as possible from the highest quality heavy-duty materials.

Enter Groomer’s Best Modular Kennels – ruggedly made in the USA from stainless steel and premium composites. Offering a range of customization options along with modular scalability, our kennel banks set a new standard in the professional pet care market.

The Practical Advantages of Modularity

Designed to be set up as conveniently as possible, our modular kennel banks offer ease of installation and relocation. The quick, streamlined assembly lets you customize your setup to suit the evolving needs of your day-to-day business.

Unlike most standard kennel systems, you can tailor both the layout and features to better tackle the tasks at hand. Optimize the layout to fit your space, add optional fans to different banks as needed, even choose between our “Desert Tan” and “Grey” colors to match the aesthetic of your workplace.

Whether you’re in the pet grooming, breeding, or boarding industry, modularity keeps your business agile. Our modular setups can easily be resituated with your workflow as the seasons change or client demand ramps up. Which brings us to another major advantage of Groomer’s Best kennels: scalability.

The Ability to Scale with Your Business Needs

Beyond the everyday advantages modular kennels bring to your operations, the ultimate benefit is that you can easily scale up your kennel space as the needs of your business evolve. That means you can always add space or reorganize to achieve optimal capacity without investing in a whole new setup. With our innovative kennel system, you simply invest in what you need right now then expand as your business continues to grow.

Key Kennel Features for Commercial Pet Businesses:

Durable Steel and Composite Materials That Will Last

Commercial kennels should be manufactured from high-performance materials that are proven to last. Built from quality stainless steel and premium composite materials, Groomer’s Best modular kennels are made to stand the test of time.

The stainless steel enclosures are extremely high-strength and guaranteed to never rust. Meanwhile, our unique composite plastic floor grates offer industrial strength, flexibility, and corrosion resistance combined with easier cleaning and maintenance compared to conventional steel flooring.

A Safe, Comfortable, Practical Design

Obviously, commercial kennels should be designed with safety and comfort in mind – both for the pet occupants and the workers handling them. Moreover, beyond reliable storage, the best kennel systems incorporate special features that provide additional convenience and workflow efficiency.

A case in point, Groomer’s Best kennels feature smooth surfaces, rounded edges, raised floor grates, and optional variable-speed fans all designed to create a more comfortable pet environment. An efficient drainage system facilitates easy waste removal and a more sanitary environment. Integrated waste collection trays, designed to prevent leaks, are effortless to remove and clean – a must for the busy, fast-paced work of today’s professional pet care providers.

Ongoing Product Support

A less obvious but still crucial feature for any commercial equipment is the after-sale support that the manufacturer offers. Whether you’re having issues with your current kennel products or you’re looking to add and expand, Groomer’s Best will help you in achieving your optimal setup. Our modular kennels are built in the USA right here in Brandon, South Dakota, where our team is standing by to assist you with your ongoing equipment needs.

America’s Leading Source of Quality Commercial Pet Equipment Since 2003

Providing the commercial pet industry with superior Made in the USA equipment for more than two decades, Groomer’s Best modular kennels set the new standard for quality, expandability, and convenience.

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