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Tubs, Tables, Cages & More


Imagine you have the chance to create your ideal pet grooming spa/salon, with all the bells and whistles.  You have that stunning Groomer’s Best 58” Elite Tub on the corner right by that beautiful bay window that brings in lots of natural light.  This fantastic-looking tub will go with the 58” Walk-In and let us not forget about that 48” Electric Table you have been drooling over! Imagine all this equipment color-matched to that great teal you could never find anywhere unless it’s customized just for you.   To walk into your dream pet spa, with that shaggy-looking poodle in desperate need of your magic touch and tell that sad-looking pooch; “I’ll make you as pretty as this room!” 

Still not convinced why pay the extra for customization? Below are more reasons you should think otherwise!   

Disclaimer: Custom orders are non-refundable.

Why Custom?

  • Stand Out and Be Proud:

    Not everyone likes the same thing. Some love to stand out more than others. This is a great way of showing the world of groomers, customers, and that sad-looking poodle in desperate need of a trim, how much you love what you do! Its your own unique way to rise above the norm.

  • Say it with color:

    Why go with standard available colors when you can stand out with fuchsia instead of pink? Teal instead of grey? Orchid instead of purple? I mean, have you seen the awesome different shades of teal and purple out there?!

  • personal preference:

    In your opinion, the sliding door of your elite tub would look great in lilac to match with your lilac-colored towels. That is personal preference only YOU decided because you know very well the color lilac will look fabulous!


    You have been eyeing that Groomer’s Best 48 inch Walk-In tub for months, but you cannot click the “ADD TO CART” button because you only have 44 inches of available space. Nothing standard will fit in this space. What can you do? This is where we come in and make it happen!

  • to make your job easier:

    "I wish my tub legs were taller, then my back wouldn't hurt all the time." If changing the style or size of your equipment would make your job easier, the investment is worth it and YOU are worth it!

  • bragging rights:

    Not only is your beautiful Groomer’s Best 58” Elite Tub color-matched perfectly with your 58” walk-in, and the 48” electric table, but you can proudly say, “Groomer’s Best made just for YOU!”

Past Projects

Looking for a custom product? Whether you are a groomer, pet owner, or shelter; view our gallery to get inspiration for your project!

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