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Ever Wonder How Groomer's Best Started?

It all started in a small garage 30 miles North of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, about 19 years ago when Dan (Tim’s brother who owns his own successful pet grooming manufacturing company), was complaining to Tim about the lack of good companies in the pet grooming manufacturing industry that are honest, reliable, customer-service oriented, and trustworthy.

As Tim pondered the conversation he had with Dan, he went online researching what is important to pet groomers. Besides their unconditional love for their furry clients, it was obvious they want to make sure they are using the right equipment for the hard work, and very long hours, they put in to making each dog look their very best. Tim began to realize the lack of well-made bathing tubs and started the painstaking process of how a pet bathing tub is made and improving on pre-existing designs along the way.

After a lot of mock-ups and revisions, he successfully created his first 48” standard tub. His designs and changes were simple, clean, but top of the line. Years later, our 48” standard is still one of our most popular-selling bathing tub in Groomer’s Best product line-up.

Presently, Tim alongside with Justyn, are busy doing R&D; constantly improving, developing, creating new products, but the core, the foundation of this family-own company remains the same: “simple, clean, and top of the line.”

Groomer’s Best South Dakota
Tim Dressen, Creator, Entrepreneur, Founder
Groomer’s Best South Dakota
Groomer’s Best South Dakota