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How to care for your table

Grooming Tables in South Dakota

Cleaning: Do not use solvents or chemicals that may damage the finish on the frame. Clean with water and a soft cloth. Mild cleaning solutions or disinfectants (can not contain bleach or chlorine) are also acceptable. Hydraulic Table Maintenance: As with any hydraulic pump, this unit may occasionally become air-bound especially during shipping as it […]

Pet Sensory Garden

Groomer’s Best South Dakota

Chamomile and lavender plants calm a dog who sniffs the plants. Dogs can also eat the plants and get the same effect. Rosemary and mint plants energize a dog who sniffs the plants. Bonus: If they eat the mint, their breath will smell better. Barley grass aids in digestion. Dogs eat grass when their tummies hurt. They’re […]

Hunting Dog Tips

Spend time with them each day. You are their everything. Don’t hide your excitement, let them see the kid in you. Your expectations of a bird dog are high but their expectations of an owner are higher. Don’t sleep on it take them to the vet. Go hunting with them at least one time just […]