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Why Stainless Steel?


The History
Corrosion resistant alloys were first discovered in 1821 by Pierre Berthier of France.  Since then, it’s become an indispensable commodity for uses in every facet of life.  It’s uses in medical equipment, industrial and food applications, and automotive parts has given us means to a new world.  In evolutionary terms, stainless steel was discovered yesterday; despite this, we’ve already adapted our lives around its corrosion resistant capabilities.

How Does It Work?
Stainless steel is rust (Iron Oxide) resistant due to it’s high-chromium and low-carbon make up.  Featured is an invisible layer of Chromium Oxide on it’s surface – even if damaged, this precious layer is self healing and will last forever with proper care.  Other elements such as Nickel and Nitrogen also add to stainless steels useful capabilities.

American Steel vs. Foreign Steel
It’s important to understand that all stainless steel is not the same.  If you are purchasing a bathing tub that is manufactured overseas, you are more than likely buying a tub with Chinese quality steel and poor chemical make up yielding high-carbon.  The results are rust, corrosion, and other visible impurities.  Groomer’s Best uses only true low-carbon U.S.A. grade stainless steel with a minimum of 18% Chromium and maximum of 0.08% Carbon (304 grade).

New York Times
“There is a second reason not to buy “Made in China” products: jobs. 
Because of China’s subsidies — most of which are arguably illegal under international trade agreements — its producers are able to dump steel products into America at or below the actual cost of production. This problem is particularly acute now as China is saddled with massive overcapacity in its steel industry.”

Stainless Steel vs. Acrylic or Plastic
Plastic materials are quickly (almost immediately) taken over by microbial bacteria.  Exposing yourself and animals to this environment leads can lead to negative health effects. Because of plastics porous qualities, sufficient cleaning is limited and the lifespan of the material is very short.  Stains over time should be expected.

Our Take Away
There is a time and place for everything.  Our time and place is providing quality stainless steel equipment that will last a lifetime.