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What’s new at Groomer’s Best?

Probably the biggest announcement Groomer’s Best has is our NEW WEBSITE!  Yes, that’s right – a new website.  It has been a long time coming, but we have finally made the transition into a more user friendly website that we feel is way more up to date.  We will continuously be updating our website with new products and content, be sure to enter your email address for a free subscription to our newsletters.  I try to make them fun and casual for a more enjoyable read.

Groomer’s Best has sped up production by over 25% thanks to our new industrial size laser cutter.  And when I say industrial size – I mean it’s like the size of a small office, it’s huge.  This is sure to be a pleasure to our customers as our lead times are at an all time low right now.

Don’t forget that Groomer’s Best has also unveiled many new colors to our line up.  Now you can purchase an Elite or Walk-in tub in Pink, Purple, Desert Tan, Blue, you name it.  You wouldn’t believe the positive things people have to say about a Pink Elite Bathing Tub.

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Groomer’s Best