How to care for your table

Grooming Tables in South Dakota

Cleaning: Do not use solvents or chemicals that may damage the finish on the frame. Clean with water and a soft cloth. Mild cleaning solutions or disinfectants (can not contain bleach or chlorine) are also acceptable. Hydraulic Table Maintenance: As with any hydraulic pump, this unit may occasionally become air-bound especially during shipping as it […]

Pet Sensory Garden

Groomer’s Best South Dakota

Chamomile and lavender plants calm a dog who sniffs the plants. Dogs can also eat the plants and get the same effect. Rosemary and mint plants energize a dog who sniffs the plants. Bonus: If they eat the mint, their breath will smell better. Barley grass aids in digestion. Dogs eat grass when their tummies hurt. They’re […]

Springtime Safety Tips

Groomer’s Best South Dakota

Easter Treats and DecorationsKeep lilies and candy in check—chocolate goodies are toxic to cats and dogs, and all true lilies can be fatal if ingested by cats. And be mindful, kitties love to nibble on colorful plastic grass. Screen YourselfMany pet parents welcome the breezy days of spring by opening their windows. Unfortunately, they also […]